Life Expectancy Calculator

Life Expectancy Calculator

April 7, 2014 – If you’re tired of those boring life expectancy tables that lump everyone into two categories – male and female – to estimate how long you’re most likely going to live, have we got a calculator for you.

Old_ManThe Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator is a free online, interactive tool which factors users’ responses to questions about family history, medical data, eating and social habits and so on to formulate a more individualized life expectancy estimate tailored to the input provided.

In addition to helping people see what their present statistical life expectancy might be, the calculator can serve as a “To Do’ list for people seeking to modify their lifestyle choices in hopes of improving longevity.

It can also serve as a wake-up call for those who don’t fully appreciate the longevity risk we all face.

(That’s why the guy in the purple sweater above looks so grumpy.  He failed to plan for the possibility of a long life.)

Only Social Security, pension income and life annuities can assure cash flow throughout life regardless of life expectancy.

You probably will receive Social Security.

You possibly have a pension.

But even if you have both, you almost certainly could benefit from purchasing some additional life annuity longevity protection with your retirement proceeds.

Although it’s been almost a decade since this website landed on Time magazine’s list of “50 Coolest” sites, we think it’s still pretty neat and hope you enjoy trying it out for yourself.

Then, when you realize you’re likely to be around a lot longer than you realized, give us a a call so we can help you analyze your unique situation and plan your transition to retirement so you won’t run out of money.


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