Our 5th Anniversary

Our 5th Anniversary

shutterstock_98285102-1April 1, 2014 – Five years ago, in the midst of the greatest economic calamity in more than three-quarters of a century, Finn Financial Group opened its doors for business with a pledge to help others “achieve maximum financial success and security through the effective use of structured settlements and other specialty annuity products and services” designed to improve their lives.

Witnessing so many people suffer financial and emotional distress during The Great Recession despite years of following conventional wisdom and “doing everything right” factored heavily into the direction we chose for our company.

In short, we wanted to help people feel safe and secure about their future.

So with over 30 years of structured settlement, insurance and education expertise, Finn Financial Group was born and today we celebrate an important milestone anniversary and reflect upon those we’ve helped along the way by providing:

Structured settlements for physically injured plaintiffs and their families

Tax-advantaged structured settlements for non-physical injury claims

Structured attorney fees

Retirement annuities and 401(k) rollovers

Present value analyses for claims associates and attorneys

Service to the structured settlement, claims and legal communities through volunteerism, publications, educational seminars and webinars

We are most appreciative of those whose ongoing vote of confidence and encouragement has made it possible for our firm to flourish when so many¬† others didn’t survive these past few years.

We value the opportunity to be of service more than we can ever adequately express and look forward to continuing to serve as your trusted resource for years to come.

Please call anytime we can help you or anyone you know who can benefit from our area of expertise.

THANK YOU for allowing us to help secure your future and Best Wishes for YOUR continued success!


Finn Financial Group