For Injury Victims

For Injury Victims

Recovering from a personal injury can be difficult enough, but negotiating the subsequent financial impact can be even more overwhelming. As your case is resolved and you need to make decisions about your financial future, it is normal to feel like you’re in uncharted territory. That’s where The Finn Financial Group comes in.

The Finn Financial Group specializes in helping personal injury victims structure settlements in a way that creates freedom and the peace of mind that comes along with it. There are two types of personal injury victims that we can help…

Personal, Physical Injuries

Based on the federal tax code, we can structure your settlement in a way that provides unequaled financial security to you and your family. Using a customized payment plan, a structured settlement provides long-term, income tax-free future cash flows which are guaranteed by highly secure life insurance companies. We can help you by…

Personal, Non-physical Injuries

Because of the specificity of the Internal Revenue Code about what can be considered a personal, physical injury and thereby eligible for income tax-free benefits, some client settlements are fully or partially taxable.   Taxable settlements can arise from employment disputes, punitive damages, property conflicts, divorce and child support, patent and copyright infringement, construction defects, and similar types of controversies.

Because these proceeds are fully taxable, it is often more critical that we help you structure these settlements. By taking the entire settlement proceeds in cash, you can find yourself inadvertently thrust into a higher marginal tax bracket than you are used to.  As a result, you may unintentionally subject yourself to paying more in taxes, including Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), than you had planned.  By allowing us to structure your settlement and spread it out over time, you may be able to avoid an unnecessary tax liability.

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