Structured Settlement Video from Prudential

Structured Settlement Video from Prudential

June 5, 2013 – In a tremendous display of support for structured settlements, Prudential Insurance Company of America recently produced a powerful video featuring two senior executives from the company describing the many benefits of structured settlements.

The video captures Prudential Retirement’s Christine Marcks, President and Phil Waldeck, Head of Pensions and Structured Solutions, sharing their views on the benefits of structured settlements, Prudential’s financial strength and the company’s commitment to the industry.

We proudly feature this video “Meeting the Challenges of the Structured Settlements Market” on our firm’s video page [HERE].

This video was crafted following the creation of Prudential’s Structured Solutions Leadership Council – an assemblage of structured settlement professionals throughout the nation – formed last year for the purpose of discussing the challenges and opportunities the structured settlements industry faces and to find ways to address them for the benefit of all.

I’m proud to have participated as a charter member of the Leadership Council and am honored to have been asked to return for a second year.

Although Prudential produced this video and sponsors the Leadership Council, the company clearly is focused on the broader goal of increasing public awareness of structured settlements as a means of resolving claims and securing the financial futures of those anticipating settlements stemming from personal, physical injury claims.

By discussing structured settlements in the same conversation with pension income and retirement security, this company has taken an important step into the future of this industry.

Congratulations to Prudential Insurance Company of America and THANK YOU for your commitment to the structured settlements industry!


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