Our Half Time Check List

Our Half Time Check List

June 27, 2013 – As we head toward half-time of the 2013 structured settlement and annuity season, we pause to reflect on our firm’s successes for the first half of the year.

What a great year it’s been and, as Paul McCartney once sang, “getting better all the time.”

Man with pen and questionnaire. 3dClients choose us because they know we measure our success by our ability to help people meet their long-term financial goals.  So let’s take a quick time out to analyze some of the half-time stats we’re more than a little bit proud of as we check them off our list:

How We’re Doing

  • 58 – Total number of individual structured settlement and retirement annuities placed to help clients secure their financial futures.  
    • BONUS STAT I:  This is almost as many as the 62 we placed all of last year.  This reassures us that we’re succeeding in our efforts to reach more people so we can help as many folks as possible.
  • 13 – Total number of plaintiff attorneys whose futures we helped secure by structuring their attorney fees or converting some of their other retirement assets to guaranteed future cash flows on a tax-advantaged basis.
    • BONUS STAT II:  Structured attorney fees accounts for a significant portion (22%) or our success this year.
  • 66 –  Percent of people who called for help this year which resulted in the placement of an annuity for them.  We call this our “Success Ratio” or the number of people who end up choosing an annuity divided by the number who ask for a quote.
    • BONUS STAT III:  This figure is roughly DOUBLE the industry average!
  • 22 – Number of those who’ve approached us for assistance but haven’t yet structured or annuitized and whose decisions are still pending.  Depending on what these clients choose to do, our Success Ratio could climb even higher.
  • 52 – Total number of blogs or newsletters written with an eye toward helping claims associates, the legal community, working people and friends make more informed choices about the options available to them when confronted by assorted financial challenges.
  • 9,200 – Estimated number of printed copies of my article, “Taxable Damage Structured Settlements,” sent to subscriber members of  Advocate: Journal of Consumer Attorneys Associations for Southern California.
  • 1 – Philanthropic organization, the Collaborative Courts Foundation, on whose Board of Directors I accepted an invitation to serve and was recently elected Vice-Chairman.


And with structured settlement and annuity rates continuing to rise, we’ve been busier these past few months than we have in the past two years.  All signs point toward an even more successful second half.

So THANK YOU for allowing us to be part of YOUR success this year.  May your second half be equally as successful however you measure yours.




PS  Oh, yes.  There’s actually one more personal milestone I’m pretty proud of, too, and would be remiss if I failed to mention:

  • 25 – Number of years of marriage celebrated with my wife and our firm’s Office Manager, the incomparable former Ms. Stephanie Bianchi.

Our Silver Wedding Anniversary

Finns 25th


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