Hey, Phil: Chill.

Hey, Phil: Chill.

Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff

January 21, 2013 – There are few golfers on tour more popular than Phil Michelson.

Movie star good looks.  Four major championships.  Second on the “all-time money” list of tournament prize money won.  Endorsements through the roof.

And apparently it’s the latter that’s finally catching up to Lefty.

According to Sports Illustrated, Phil Mickelson earned over $57 Million dollars in endorsements in 2011.  That figure accounts for about 94% of his entire earnings for that year.

Makes his 3.7$ Million in salary and winnings seem like chump change.

It now seems the new 2013 tax rates have put a burr under Phil’s saddle if you’ll pardon the out-of-context metaphor.  Fred Altvater, reporting in Bleacher Report, claims that the new rates have incensed the golfer so much that he’s pledging “drastic changes” because his tax rate is “62-63%.

Two quick bits of advice for the golf legend-in-the-making.

First, get a new accountant and financial planner because that just doesn’t sound right.

Second, take a good, hard look at Structured Celebrity Endorsements.

As Jerry Reed cautioned in his 1971 crossover hit, “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot,” winning streaks make life seem grand.  But when the tide turns, watch out!

Every “hot” celebrity should heed this caution because fame can be so fleeting.

One day you’re the lead singer of the most popular band in the world.  The next day, you’re just the bass player.

Celebrities who understand this dynamic can capitalize on their popularity and secure their future by spreading their endorsement earnings out over a number of years, even a lifetime, with a Structured Celebrity Endorsement – an offshoot of the structured settlement concept.

Choosing a Structured Celebrity Endorsement can help prevent the next tale of woe such as that which befell the likes of Jake LaMotta, Mike Tyson, Lance Armstrong or countless others whose star, and earnings potential, faded earlier than planned.

Give us a ring, Phil.  We’re here to help.  We want to keep you competing on the links in your native California.  Don’t pay all those taxes this year.  Spread it out and save yourself some money at  the same time.

Besides, I just can’t see you playing bass.


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