Advisors Say

Advisors Say “Yea” to Annuities

Guaranteed Income Solutions Appropriate for Most

Regular readers of our blog will notice a few recurring themes in our posts when it comes to retirement planning and post-settlement planning:

Protecting yourself from the risk of outliving your money is wise

Slow and steady wins the race

Things that look too good to be true usually are

A recent article in LifeHealthPRO reinforced our way of thinking.

In “LIMRA: Most Advisors Favor Including Annuities in Clients’ Portfolios,” we learn most financial advisors believe . . .

  • Clients with less than $500,000 in assets should have some annuities
  • Outliving financial resources is the biggest risk their clients face
  • The benefits of guaranteed income products outweigh the benefits of non-guaranteed income solutions

Granted:  Annuities don’t quite deliver the same “thrill” other investment and settlement alternatives might.  But for safety, security, peace of mind and protection against “losing it all,” annuities deliver.

Surprising:  Even advisors with clients whose assets exceed $1,000,000 say guaranteed income solutions, like annuities, are appropriate for them.

Structured settlements for personal physical and (especially) non-physical injury claims are the “creme de la creme” of annuities because of the unique tax advantages they bring.

But for those who are simply looking for a sensible way to arrange for their retirement with accumulated funds, they can take comfort in knowing most of the experts advocate including annuities in their financial plans for their future.


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