Consumer Reports:  Artificial hips never tested

Consumer Reports: Artificial hips never tested

Recalled DePuy ASR hips among devices untested

March 29, 2012 – In its upcoming May edition, Consumer Reports presents the results of its investigation which calls into question the current process of medical device regulation that their advocacy wing, Consumers Union, believes fails to “protect patients from harm.”

Entitled “CR Investigates:  Dangerous medical devices,” CR sheds light on the process involved in bringing medical devices to market in the United States.

Hip ImplantFor those specifically interested in the now-recalled DePuy ASR artificial hip implants, the report features compelling testimony from an orthopedic surgeon who personally suffered from the ill-effects of the DePuy ASR hip implant device.  Stephen Tower, MD was “injured by the same artificial hip he implanted in patients.”

A number of lawsuits have unfolded as a result of allegations that the DePuy ASR hip implant devices were defective.   Litigation is ongoing and our firm remains committed to following this matter closely as it progresses.

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