We're PRIME for You

We’re PRIME for You

“Anyone can get old.  All you have to do is live long enough.”

— Groucho Marx —

For most, the realization starts to take root when you hit the age 30 milestone.

For others, it’s age 40.

But without a doubt, by the time that AARP application hits your mailbox at age 50, you begrudgingly begin to accept that some facets of your life just “ain’t what they used to be.”

  • Maybe your eyesight begins to fade.
  • Or any hair you have left takes on a founding fathers hue.
  • You wonder when they started letting nine year olds drive cars.
  • Scales begin lying to you on a regular basis.
  • Sports skills wane:
    • You can no longer catch up with a 90 MPH fast ball.
    • Or dunk anything other than a donut

But just when you thought that aging was a passport to marginality and obscurity, some good news surfaces.

In his article Why geezers give the best investment advice, MarketWatch money and investing editor Jonathan Burton points out that “middle aged people make fewer mistakes with finances than those who are older or younger.”

Quoting one of the authors of the study, he goes on to suggest that you consider working with a financial professional between the ages of 43 and 63, because this represents the “cognitive sweet spot” for optimum financial decision making.

At this point in our blog, it’s worth a mention that the Finn Financial Group just so happens to be owned by a feller who falls smack dab into the middle of that sweet spot.  Maybe this is why so many clients continue to seek us out.

Or maybe it’s just because we know where to find the best early bird specials!

Either way, we’re happy to be validated and proud to be of service to all. 

Even you young whippersnappers are always welcome!


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