The Truth Behind Structured Settlement Buyouts

The Truth Behind Structured Settlement Buyouts

“I Want My Money and I Want It Now!”
(Or, Can I Pay You To Take My Money From Me?)

You’ve seen the commercials.

A distraught person is shown screaming out the window at the top of their lungs in frustration because some evil, unnamed annuity company has separated them from their money like some latter day Silas Marner. This financial affliction appears contagious since soon seemingly everyone in the neighborhood joins the chorus. They, too, want their money and they want it now!

Then, just when all hope seems lost and suicide-by-window jumping surely looms, a savior arrives in the form of a serious but not unkindly-looking gentleman who promises these hopeless souls the “CASH” today that will render their worries moot. After all, he assures them, it’s their money and they deserve it.

Beyond disingenuous, these ads purportedly exist to help people get back what’s rightfully theirs. But an article that recently appeared in an edition of Allentown, Pennsylvania’s The Morning Call sheds a whole lot of light on how dearly people pay when they choose to sell their structured settlement benefits.

Click HERE to read The Morning Call article.

Structured settlements remain one of the absolute safest, most secure choices for those settling a personal injury claim. Why else do you think companies that purchase the rights to the future payments are willing to spend so much money on advertising to acquire them? Buying structured settlements is a great deal for the company that buys them. But something significantly south of a great deal for the person selling.


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