NFL Players, Dementia and the CA Workers’ Comp System

NFL Players, Dementia and the CA Workers’ Comp System

Ex-NFL Players Find Safe Haven in the California Workers’ Compensation System: Is Dementia an Occupational Hazard?

An interesting article, published April 5, 2010 by The New York Times highlights the plight of former NFL lineman Ralph Wenzel who, at age 67, now lives in an assisted living facility due to dementia allegedly caused or aggravated by his years playing football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Diego Chargers.

Click HERE to read The New York Times article.
Be sure to take time to watch the sad, seven minute video also embedded in the article.

This first-of-its-kind Workers’ Compensation claim, filed with the California WCAB in Van Nuys on April 5 of this year, could have far-reaching implications. Many will be watching this case closely. The article also goes into some detail about the uniqueness of the California WC system as it pertains to all NFL players, not just those suffering from dementia.

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