Substitute For Security

Substitute For Security

    “Substitute me for him – Substitute my coke for gin – Substitute you for my mum – At least I’ll get my washing done”

– Pete Townshend –

October 4, 2013 – Ever try to find a good substitute for security?

Betcha can’t.

At least not on you can’t.  I tried but all I got was this message:

“Sorry, I could not find synonyms for ‘security’.”

I had to smile when I saw the website’s somewhat allegorical response since it contains meaning beyond its literal apology.

After all, when you’re talking about security, whether physical or financial, is there really anything else that can compare to “the state of being free from danger or threat?”

Structured Settlement Security

Individuals who choose structured settlements when resolving their personal physical or non-physical injury claims are choosing one of the most secure settlement options available.

The entire structured settlements industry was founded with safety and security in mind.  Structured settlements add stability to an unsettling process and provide people with the peace of mind necessary to resume as normal a life as possible following an injury or loss of a loved one.


Check out the new BROCHURES section of our website featuring a variety of pamphlets touting the security of structured settlements.

Moral of today’s story:  There is no substitute for security.

So don’t fight the truth.  Just call us next time you have a need to secure your financial future.


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