Who Likes Annuities?

Who Likes Annuities?

Happy I Chose an Annuity

 “We like annuities!”

March 3, 2013 – And by “we,” we mean YOU!

This according to a recent study conducted by Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA).

Reinforcing a theme we’re quite familiar with at our firm, the study overwhelmingly concludes:

People who choose annuities are glad they did.

Among the LIMRA study findings, published about seven months ago:

  • 86% of fixed annuity buyers were satisfied with their purchases
  • 83% of indexed annuity buyers were satisfied with theirs
  • More than half of all respondents owned two or more annuities
  • 80% of those surveyed would recommend annuities to friends and family
  • Financial strength of annuity issuer was an important consideration


Money for Life

Perhaps not surprisingly, supplementing Social Security or a pension was given as the most popular reason for purchasing annuities.

And in what might have been a page taken from our own play book:

“Annuity buyers’ single most important financial objective is to have enough money to last their and/or their spouse’s lifetime.”

The results of this LIMRA study contrast somewhat sharply with another recent survey – this one conducted by Spectrem Group – which found declining levels of satisfaction by wealthy investors with their own financial advisor.

In that survey, no category of investor was more than 73% satisfied with their financial advisor.

73% chance of satisfaction or 86% chance of same?  (Hmmmmm . . . )

Annuities have played vital roles in shaping the lives of the countless people we’ve had the privilege of helping for more than two decades.

We don’t specialize in everything.

We are not financial advisors.

But we are experts in the niche specialty annuity business helping people when they need trusted, professional advice with their:

Structured Settlements

Taxable Structured Settlements

Structured Attorney Fees

401(k) and SEP Conversions

And since some 80%+ of the annuity buying public is happy when they choose annuities, that pretty much makes us happiness experts too.

We’re here for YOU and always happy to help.  Call today!


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