2013 So Far . . .

2013 So Far . . .

February 17, 2013 – Before the year gets away from us as years are wont to do, I thought we’d pause for a moment to reflect upon the number of people whose lives have been positively impacted in these first few weeks of 2013 as a result of our firm’s involvement in many changes in our offices like our new call centre furniture and new buildings.

Helped secure the futures of five minor children by aiding their parents and their attorneys with the placement of their structured settlement choices following resolution of their personal, physical injury claims on five separate settlements.Since January 1, 2013 we have:

  • Structured Settlement RecipientHelped a young man who was severely injured on the job with the settlement of his workers’ compensation settlement.  Because his ability to earn a living had been compromised, we helped him secure his financial future with100% income tax-free structured settlement cash flows he can never outlive.  In addition, we helped him find affordable health care since he was denied coverage and otherwise would have been uninsured.
  • Helped a baby boomer attorney tired of exposing his life savings to market risk secure his retirement funds by rolling them over to some non-structured settlement annuities which will provide guaranteed future income to meet his anticipated future needs without worry of market volatility.
  • Assisted two clients whose situations required the use of Special Needs Trusts in order to protect their public benefits.
  • Structured SaleProvided guidance to two clients in the process of of selling their appreciated assets who are seeking to defer capital gains taxes utilizing a Structured Sale.  Sales are pending and they are looking forward to achieving the tax deferral they desire.
  • Consulted with two individuals embroiled in employment disputes in helping them analyze the tax savings potentially realized by choosing a Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlement at settlement.
  • Attended six mediations or trials at the request of claims professionals or attorneys to aid in the negotiation and resolution process.
  • Met with a number of attorneys, financial planners, claims associates, life company partners and others to discuss matters of mutual interest.
  • Attended a Board of Directors meeting as an Officer of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association.


And this doesn’t even count responding to the countless calls and emails we receive on a daily basis from those seeking out our expertise on a variety of related issues.

Our firm is committed to helping clients achieve long-term financial security through the effective use of structured settlements and related products and services.

So whether you need assistance with structured settlement choices or are just looking for expert advice on how to arrange your financial affairs, call us.  Chances are good we can help you.  We look forward to being of service to YOU!

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