Best Boost For American General

Best Boost For American General

January 29, 2013 –  Independent rating agency A. M. Best has revised its credit rating outlook of American General Life from “stable” to “positive” according to last week’s press release on the topic.

American General is one of the four domestic life/health subsidies impacted by this action taken on parent company American International Group, Inc.

A “positive” outlook, according to Best, “indicates that a company is experiencing favorable financial and market trends, relative to its current rating level. If these trends continue, the company has a good possibility of having its rating upgraded.” (Emphasis ours)

While still too early to call, expectations are high that American General, currently rated A (Excellent), will soon reclaim its A+ (Excellent) rating in the near future.

American General is a major provider of structured settlement annuities currently responsible for writing approximately 10% to 12% of the annual structured settlement business.  They could potentially double that market share with the return of an A+ rating based on prior year results.

This is yet another positive (pun intended) step in the right direction for the 160 year old company committed to the structured settlements industry.  We wish them continued success and congratulate them on this development.


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