Motor Vehicle Mishaps Tops Accidental Death List

Motor Vehicle Mishaps Tops Accidental Death List

In its post Top 5 Causes of Accidental Death in the United States, list-oriented website takes a look at some statistics that contribute to the rankings of a list we all strive to avoid being featured in.

Their blog suggests that if people would simply stop drinking, being distracted and being young while driving, maybe motor vehicle mishaps would not be the number on cause of accidental deaths in the United States.

Sure, there’d still be accidents but these factors contribute heavily to the fact that more people die from motor vehicle incidents than from any other type of accident.

Some frightening statistics to consider:

  • Motor Vehicle Incidents is the No. 1 cause of accidental death in the USA;
  • Accidents in general is the No. 5 cause of ALL deaths in the USA;
  • Motor Vehicle Incidents is the No 1 cause of ALL deaths (USA) for those ages 1 to 42.

Rounding out the top five accidental life-takers are:

Poisoning            Falls          Fires          Choking

When deaths do occur from one of these or any other myriad of causes, it can leave a lifetime of scars in its wake for those left behind.  When negligence contributes to the loss and a lawsuit ensues, the grief for the survivors can be compounded.  In such circumstances, it’s reassuring to know there are caring claims professionals, attorneys and structured settlement professionals committed to helping them deal with their loss.

Be safe everyone!  Drive carefully and please be aware of steps you can take to increase your chances of becoming an unwitting statistic.


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