Life/Health Industry is . . . Healthy!

Life/Health Industry is . . . Healthy!

Life/Health Industry Admitted Assets Increased 7.1% in 2010

Admitted assets for the top 200 writers of life/health insurance increased approximately $404 billion during 2010 according the most recent edition of Best’s Review.

Structured Settlement Markets Shine

Eight of the twelve life markets active in the structured settlement industry saw their admitted assets increase an average of 10%, more than 40% better than their industry peers.

BONUS Statistic:  Combined, these twelve life markets, with admitted assets in excess of $1.9 trillion, constitute approximately  36% of ALL the admitted assets for the entire U. S. life/health industry.

Safety, Security and Lots of Money

These data reassure clients who choose structured settlements that their faith in this alternative-to-cash is well founded.  Likewise, attorneys who structure their fees can also feel secure in knowing their hard-earned fees are backed by companies with lots of commas on the asset side of their ledgers.

Congratulations to our structured settlement life industry partners for serving as a beacon of hope amid a sea of financial gloom during this post-Great Recession period.  (Rankings in parentheses)

MetLife (1), Prudential (2), John Hancock/Manulife (3), American General/SunAmerica (4), New York Life (7), Pacific Life (15), Allstate (21), Symetra (38), Mutual of Omaha (43), USAA Life (48), Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston (56) and Berkshire Hathaway (63)

We wish all these excellent life markets continued “struccess” and look forward to continuing to partner with them as we help our clients secure their financial futures.


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