What's Your Retirement Vulnerability?

What’s Your Retirement Vulnerability?

Ernst & Young Analysis:  “Longevity Risk” Increasing

Finn Financial Group’s October, 2009 newsletter, Live Longer – Buy Annuities, featured research from a smattering of sources emphasizing the value and importance of annuities to one’s overall financial health.

As part of our commitment to helping clients achieve lifetime financial stability, we wanted to pass along some additional information to help you plan for your future and the futures of those whose lives you touch.

Americans for Secure Retirement asked Ernst & Young LLP to analyze the retirement vulnerability – the chance of outliving one’s financial assets – of Middle-Income Americans. First published in July of 2008, Retirement vulnerability of new retirees: The likelihood of outliving their assets, was last updated in 2009.

The study’s findings are consistent with others that emphasize the meaningful role annuities can play in addressing one of the greatest financial risks Americans face: Living too long!

Without additional guaranteed lifetime income streams,
such as income provided by an annuity,
middle-income Americans are at high risk of outliving
their financial assets and living their final years in poverty.

Ernst & Young LLP
for Americans for Secure Retirement

As you read, understand the “Middle-Income” net is a wide one that catches most of our readers – even those with substantial net worth – who can all benefit from having more “longevity insurance.”

To determine the Retirement Readiness for your state and to learn more about the retirement crisis, visit Americans for Secure Retirement. Also, the Finn Financial Group Facebook Page regularly features other helpful articles and links on this subject and MORE so be sure to check back there often.

While this edition of our newsletter focuses on retirement planning, we would be remiss if we failed to point out that those anticipating personal injury settlements have perhaps even greater cause for concern and would do well to educate themselves on the longevity risk all of us face as we age.

So call on us! We’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for structured settlements, structured attorney fees, Structured Sales, 401(k) and Pension Rollovers or simply want to purchase an annuity with savings, we can help you make the decision that’s right for YOU!


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