Social Justice “Living Legend” Talks Structured Settlements

Social Justice “Living Legend” Talks Structured Settlements

Greetings Fellow Supporters of Justice!

Today’s featured video highlights comments of esteemed Civil Rights Leader, the Hon. John Lewis (D-GA), in his address before the National Structured Settlements Trade Association a few months ago.

Recipient of more than 50 honorary degrees and countless awards for his dedication to the Civil Rights Movement, Rep. Lewis personifies the term “living legend.”

Leader of the pivotal 1965 “Bloody Sunday” Selma to Montgomery March and the only living “Big Six” speaker from the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Rep. Lewis has been a tireless advocate for social justice since he was a teenager.

In addition to expressing heartfelt appreciation for attorneys, this distinguished, humble role model shared two stories that support his belief that Structured Settlements can play a key role in helping advance social justice today.

Structured Settlements can help provide an “opportunity to fulfill the American Dream.” Rep. John Lewis

Congressman Lewis’ talk took on special meaning for me personally as my Structured Settlement practice evolves. Earlier this year, I wrote about helping two men structure their wrongful imprisonment civil suits following their exoneration after serving thirteen years in prison for crimes they did not commit. (See e-newsletter entitled: “Never Give Up” on our website)

Structured settlements help people!

For those emerging from incarceration, many of whom were arrested as young men and women, reasonable employment prospects are often dim since they have never been part of any civilian work force. For these deserving people who frequently encounter undeserved stigma, Structured Settlements can serve an even more vital role in helping them achieve the American Dream denied them.

Rep. John Lewis surely thinks so. And social justice in one thing Rep. Lewis surely has a perspective on.

Enjoy the video and, as always . . .


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