Retirement and Benefit Funding Solutions

Retirement and Benefit Funding Solutions

For most of the last 30 years, the idea of fixed term retirement solutions seemed about as trendy as Brylcreem. Companies offering Defined Benefit plans dwindled and serious efforts were afoot to privatize Social Security. Years of generally positive returns seduced people into believing that the stock market posed no inherent risk to their retirement plans. Then 2009 happened.

Now, just as it took a hit show like Mad Men to make Brylcreem seem cool again, it took a near-fatal economic tsunami to bring “fixed term” back into vogue where retirement planning is concerned. And while we don’t feel qualified to make recommendations on your choice of hair products, we can more than likely help you with your fixed-term retirement solutions!

The Finn Financial Group’s client base is fairly diverse. We have the honor of working with some amazing law firms of all shapes, sizes and disciplines across the United States. Some of our attorney clients are sole practitioners while some are partners with the most well-established and respected firms in the country. Our work brings us into contact with CEOs, CFOs, Company Presidents and Vice Presidents. We have assisted Owners of Corporations and Fee Only Financial Planners who have come to value our approach to helping address specific fixed-term needs.

Now, for those clients who have influence over corporate retirement plan decisions, we have something new to offer.

Who Can Benefit?
Law Firms – Businesses – Insurance Companies
Companies Under M&A Consideration
ANY Company with an Employee DB, DC, Pension or 401(k) Plan

Through our network of affiliated product providers, the Finn Financial Group is proud to offer you a full complement of fixed term Retirement and Benefit Funding Solutions. As decision-makers continue to evaluate pension liabilities, companies may be seeking better ways to manage the volatility associated with them. Some have recognized that the pension plan is an ongoing cost that is perhaps no longer viewed as a valuable benefit because a majority of participants is no longer active in their workforce.

Consider what we may be able help you with:

  • As markets continue their volatility, companies may be seeking more stable pension risk solutions. We can arrange to have a customized option to remove all or some of the liabilities from your balance sheets. In addition, we can share ideas to immunize your portfolio to further reduce volatility risk.
  • For Defined Contribution plans, we can arrange to structure a stream of guaranteed lifetime income for anyone participating in your 401(k) plan. Terminating or retiring participants can set aside a portion of their 401(k) balance into an annuity that will provide guaranteed lifetime income.
  • Clients looking for Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC) quotes for 401(k) or pension plans can receive competitive rates and a wide array of structures best suited to meet cash flow, funding and liability needs.

There are many choices out there and a complimentary analysis is usually the best first step. So please let us know if you are interested in learning more about any of these topics. We will arrange to join you with a provider specialist who can help evaluate your needs and offer appropriate options for you to consider.

Clients will be pleased, and often surprised, to discover that we may ultimately recommend something we cannot offer. Because our commitment lies with finding the right choice for YOU, we’re happy to point you in the right direction if our solutions don’t work.

Plan sponsors must maintain due diligence when managing retirement plans. Let us help! We are eager to serve as your primary source of fixed term solutions designed to meet a variety of your retirement planning needs. Please call to schedule an appointment to let us know what we can do for you. Wishing you continued success and, as always . . .


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