Market-Linked Structured Settlement News

Market-Linked Structured Settlement News

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New Brochure Added

Pacific Life’s Index-Linked Annuity Payment Adjustment Rider

Blending Traditional and Market-Linked
Structured Settlements for the Best of Both Worlds

October 20, 2015 – We’ll keep this newsletter short since we hope you’ll spend most of your time reading the latest brochure we just received from one of our structured settlement life company partners.

Stock MarketYou may recall our April, 2014 newsletter telling you about the then-newest entrant into the structured settlement marketplace – a structured settlement featuring a rider that allows the recipient to benefit from some of the market upswings when they occur but, unlike being invested directly in the market itself, guarantees no loss of value when the market falls.

Then, in one of our September, 2014 blog posts, we told you the IRS had weighed in on the subject when it issued a favorable Private Letter Ruling on the idea.

Now, in an effort to advance understanding and appreciation of the concept, the current brochure we’re sharing today takes a look back over the past 30 years to see what might have been in a hypothetical situation. While past performance of the stock market is never a guarantee of future performance, such an exercise is common and can be quite helpful when making decisions today about tomorrow.

Isaac Newton surely would be confused by Pacific Life’s structured settlement offering since, unlike his “what goes up must come down” adage, structured settlements with an ILAPA Rider can only go up.

We’re pretty bullish on this option for our clients, especially those who suffer from FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out” on market potential) and might otherwise pass on the opportunity to structure their settlement altogether.

So next time you’re in the market for a structured settlement, don’t forget to ask about the one with stock market potential.


This option works great for Structured Attorney Fees also!

I look forward to answering any questions you have on this or any related subject and hope you find the brochure helpful.

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