Structured Settlements: Catastrophic Injuries

Structured Settlements: Catastrophic Injuries

Third in a series of blog posts dedicated to helping clients decide when a structured settlement should be considered

Today’s Installment: Catastrophic Injuries

May 10, 2019 – While structured settlements are useful in resolving a wide variety of liability disputes, those involving catastrophic injuries are especially well-suited to this method of claims resolution.

When an accident leaves a person tragically impaired requiring health care and living assistance extending well into the future, there are several reasons a structured settlement should always be the first choice when negotiating and finalizing these lawsuits or claims.


Structured Settlements: Fatalities

Second in a series of blog posts dedicated to helping clients decide when a structured settlement should be considered

Today’s Installment: Fatalities

May 7, 2019 – “Death is a crisis that all families encounter, and it is recognized as the most stressful life event families face . . .”

The preceding quote was excerpted from Chapter 4, “Death, Dying, and Grief in Families” (Murray, Toth & Clinkenbeard, 2005), of Families & Change: Coping with Stressful Events and Transitions, a best-selling text of compilation scholarly research on a topic most of us would sooner avoid.

No death can be minimized, but the unexpected, sudden death of a loved one leaves families feeling especially violated as they struggle for comfort that is too slow in arriving and acceptance of a new reality they never asked for.

The ensuing grief takes a significant emotional toll on psyches and many families fracture to the point of permanent dysfunction as a result.

When survivors file insurance claims and wrongful death lawsuits due to negligence alleged to have caused a fatality, they experience a new set of stressors inherent in the litigation process which can prolong their suffering and worsen their already-fragile sense of being.

And that’s just the emotional toll.


First DePuy Trial To Begin

January 4, 2013 – According to various sources, the first state trial in the United States involving the much maligned DePuy ASR artificial hip is scheduled to go out on Monday, January 7, 2013 in Prince George County, Maryland.

Hip ImplantWhile industry insiders will be watching this state trial with great interest, more interest will likely be paid to the first federal trials stemming from the lawsuits consolidated in the Ohio multidistrict litigation against DePuy directly.

Two trials are tentatively scheduled for May 6, 2013 and July 8, 2013.

Those involved in any litigation stemming from the DePuy ASR litigation are invited to visit our firm’s companion site,, to learn more about how they may benefit from choosing a structured settlement for all or part of any post-settlement proceeds they may be awarded.

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