Structured Settlements for Employment Disputes

Structured Settlements for Employment Disputes

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Structured Settlements for Employment Disputes

November 4, 2015 – An article published in the National Law Review a little more than a year ago couldn’t be more straightforward:

“Employment Related Lawsuits Are on the Rise. Are You Covered?”

Expendable Employee

While we strongly encourage all businesses with employees to review their Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage as advocated in the article to ensure they are properly protected should an employment-based lawsuit arise, our firm’s focus lies elsewhere.

We exist to help clients during the claims resolution process when a lawsuit is filed.

That’s when we can help!

While traditional structured settlements are vital in helping resolve a wide variety of claims involving personal, physical injury, the vast majority of employment disputes stem from alleged wrongs that are non-physical in nature.

As such, most employment settlement proceeds are taxable to the litigant.

Fortunately, a structured settlement can still be part of the solution. It’s just a slightly different type of structured settlement. One we’ve worked hard to educate the claims and legal communities on for years:

A Non-Physical Injury Structured Settlement

We believe so strongly in the value of this settlement option, we’ve created a companion Website,, dedicated to helping clients understand how and why this option works so well.

At the time of this writing, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston is the only life insurance company offering a non-qualified assignment to parties seeking to resolve their employment-based lawsuits. The brochure we’ve included on our Website highlights the tax advantages, its applications and describes the mechanics of the process.

Worth mentioning is the value of this tool for both the plaintiff and defense. Since income spread out over time generally will result in fewer total taxes being paid by the plaintiff, a case whose resolution may otherwise stall during mediation or post-verdict discussions because of adverse tax consequences can more easily resolve to the satisfaction of both sides.

I hope you find this brochure helpful and invite you to call anytime you have questions regarding structured settlements for employment-based litigation.

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