Kim's Story

Kim’s Story

Reprinted from our October 22, 2014 Newsletter

Structured Settlements Changing Lives

Several months ago, I shared Robin’s Story with you.

Today, I’m pleased to pass along the second in a series of first person testimonials on the benefits of structured settlements, produced by Prudential Structured Settlements.

This is Kim’s Story:

Kim's Story

Click [HERE] for link to video

When Prudential formed the Structured Solutions Leadership Council several years back, it did so with a commitment to developing tools that would help practitioners and their clients better visualize and appreciate the important role structured settlements can play in the lives of those who benefit from them.

They continue delivering on that pledge with this video.

As a charter member of the council, I am honored to have been selected to join together with a number of industry leaders to aid Prudential with the development of these initiatives that will help so many of our clients.

Many thanks to Prudential Structured Settlements for its vision and support of the ENTIRE structured settlements, claims and legal communities. Along with the many other excellent life markets we are proud to represent, Prudential’s exceptional leadership on this particular initiative deserves special recognition.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and best wishes for continued success.

Enjoy the video!


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