Structured Attorney Fees

Structured Attorney Fees

May 24, 2013 – Message I received earlier this week from a long-time plaintiff attorney client after I assisted him and several of his co-counsel with placing some structured attorney fees:

“Thank you, Dan, for being so great to work with the last 20 years.”

Talk about a nice way to end your day!

Receiving validating messages like this from appreciative clients sure adds to the pleasure I get from helping  people make smart decisions about their finances.

And if recent history is any indication, attorneys structuring their fees is a trend on the verge of exploding in popularity.

What makes me believe such a thing?

In the past two weeks alone, I have assisted with the structuring of EIGHT (Yes,  8 ) individual attorney fees.

Cut TaxesThat’s eight smart attorneys who decided it makes more sense to pay fewer taxes in future years than higher taxes in the current year on fees they earn.

Several more structured attorney fees are pending resolution of the claim.

While I’d like to believe this recent success is attributable solely to the publication of my article on Taxable Damage Structured Settlements in this month’s issue of Advocate, published by the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the more plausible explanation is that the legal community at large more widely recognizes structured attorney fees as a sensible tax and retirement planning opportunity unique to contingency fee-based attorneys.

Especially in California where the passage of Proposition 30, in addition to the federal American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), really elevates the importance of structuring taxable dollars to unprecedented levels.

We Invite You to Join the Party

We’re proud of the strong, long-term partnerships we have with numerous plaintiff attorneys who have trusted us to help them structure their fees for years and who continue to view structured attorney fees as a routine part of their practice.

But for those clients and potential clients who have kicked the tires but have yet to take the structured attorney fee plunge, we invite you to call for a confidential review and evaluation.

The economics are in your favor like never before.

And we promise we won’t tell you that you need to structure your fees.

We’ll simply lay out the numbers you give us, present you with some options, project the money you can save and let you decide for yourself if structuring your attorney fees makes sense.

Or better yet, call your CPA first and ask if it makes sense to defer some of your anticipated fee into a future year.

Then call us after your tax professional says, “Absolutely!”


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