Structured Settlement Talk:  The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Structured Settlement Talk: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Although it’s impossible to know who first ventured into culinary lore by slicing a loaf of bread instead of pulling it apart, historians pretty much agree that it wasn’t until July 7, 1928 when commercially produced, pre-sliced bread was first sold to the public from a bakery in Chillicothe, Missouri.

So when former justice Jerry Carr Whitehead, a native of the Show-Me State, recently compared structured settlements to sliced bread, it’s fair to assume he just might be in a better position than most to speak with some authority on the subject.

Justice Whitehead, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, recently addressed the National Structured Settlements Trade Association in Las Vegas where he made the comparison.

In addition to recounting his first exposure to structured settlements, he also explained that his belief in structures was so complete that he eventually began structuring his attorney fees which allowed him to transition his law practice into a second career that included a judicial appointment and a successful mediation practice he operates from his office in Reno.

Listen to what he has to say by clicking the video entitled The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread on our website. He gives a very good primer on structured settlements and explains why he began to structure “every case that [he] could.”

I hope you enjoy this video and any of the others we regularly post on our site. And while I’m probably not much help in coaching you on the finer points of slicing bread, I’m positive I can help you with your structured settlement needs.¬† Please call anytime I can help.


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