Life Company Videos

Life Company Videos

April 2, 2019 – To help spread the good word about structured settlements, several of our life company partners have recently unveiled some professional videos designed to help clients better understand this dynamic claims resolution tool.

In no particular order, here are links to some of these videos designed to enlighten you:

About Structured Settlements – From Prudential Structured Settlements, this is a general information video focusing on the financial security that comes with structuring one’s settlement and describes how they work.

What Are the Rules & Requirements for a Non-Qualified Assignment? – From MetLife, this video features MetLife Structured Settlement Leadership describing the unique features of this product used for taxable settlements, and the requirements needed to implement them.

Why Do I Need a Structured Settlement? – From Pacific Life, this one’s been out for a little longer but worth re-sharing since it emphasizes the importance of making the right decision when one’s personal injury claim concludes.

And just for good measure, here’s a link you might have missed to a brochure from the National Structured Settlements Trade Association ( entitled “Security and Stability to Last a Lifetime” which highlights the over-1,000-year combined experience of our life company members.

Tens of thousands of people live better lives thanks to the structured settlements they chose when settling their claims. With unmatched safety and security, combined with the financial strength of the life insurance companies offering them, structured settlements represent the key to a brighter future.






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