Retired Claims Adjuster is Top JFK Assassination Researcher

Retired Claims Adjuster is Top JFK Assassination Researcher

November 21, 2013 – My dad was a claims adjuster.

Thirty years ago, I began my insurance career as claims adjuster.

My wife, too, was a claims adjuster.  We met at work.

One of my brothers was a claims adjuster.

So was his godfather.

All told, my family and our assorted godparents can lay claim (pun intended) to about 150 years of adjusting and insurance experience.

So when, while reading an article entitled “One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true,” I learned that one of the world’s preeminent Kennedy assassination researchers is a retired claims adjuster, I knew this was a guy whose opinion I was going to value.

AdjusterDave Perry doesn’t so much set out to prove conspiracy theories as he does to rule out why they can’t be true using simple, good old-fashioned fact verification techniques.

Not unlike a claims adjuster who uncovers an original receipt for an item on a theft inventory for which the insured estimated a different figure, he values only the verifiable.

The world will likely never be satisfied with the Warren Commission report or any of the subsequent theories of “Who Really Killed JFK?”

But with a professionally trained insurance adjuster looking into things, we can at least take comfort in knowing every possible (dare I say, Oliver) Stone is being unturned.


2 Responses to “Retired Claims Adjuster is Top JFK Assassination Researcher”

  1. Steve Marks says:

    Good for you. I am convinced Johnson and a group of others in the CIA and Mafia killed JFK and his brother. There is a good book out there written by a close Nixon confidant. In life there are no coincidences. Johnson had the most to gain and most to lose if Kennedy stayed in office. He was going to be removed from the next ticket and prosecuted for fraud. Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill Kennedy on his own……..that is a ridiculous hypothesis and we all know it if we look at facts.

  2. I too am a claims adjuster (10 years) and I saw something that just does not fit the scenario. Shortly prior to the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was strongly believed to have attempted to assassinate a General Walker, a military Officer he had a vendetta against.
    Oswald apparently took great pains to plan the killing how to get his rifle into the area undetected and also had multiple escape routes planned.
    When Walker sat down at his desk Oswald fired and MISSED!
    Now without too much fanfare, we as adjusters understand that let’s say for example a hail storm. A hail claim comes in, upon inspection it is somewhat simple to establish a hail even based upon properties close by having similar damage. A hail storm would affect houses adjacent to each other almost the same (provided we are dealing with the same roof material)
    However, if a roof is supposedly damaged by “hail”, yet adjacent houses have no damage whatsoever, well something isn’t KOSHER.
    So with that analogy, two similar events, the failed assassination of General Walker and the assassination of JFK
    Yet, there are certainly inconsistencies between the two scenarios that Oswald was purported to have been the shooter.
    Oswald MISSED a static target (Walker sitting at his desk) yet in the JFK assassination, Oswald was able to fire three rounds at the motorcade travelling at approx. 20 MPH. He hit a moving target 3 different times YET he missed a static target PRIOR?

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